VIP Bookings

Become a Very Important Patron!

When you become a VIP you will receive our newsletters with notice of online booking dates, and other information about the Company.  You can also make bookings by phoning our Ticket Secretary on 9587 5141 and leaving a message. To get the best seats get your booking in early.  Please note: VIP bookings made by phone will not attract the $2.00 VIP discount.

You may become a VIP by filling in the secure custom form below, and please remember to include your street address so that we have all your details in our database.   Alternatively, you may fill in and return the form included in our annual season brochure.  These are available on the Productions page of this website or in the foyer at Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkers Road, Parkdale.  

Each person included on a VIP booking receives the discounted ticket price.  Only the person booking the tickets needs to be a VIP.

Remember, you must come to at least one show each year to remain on our VIP list.

Enjoy the benefits of becoming a Mordialloc Theatre Company Inc VIP today!

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