Past productions

Year Play Director (**unsure)
1945 Cuckoo in the Nest
1946 The House of Thrills
Apple Pie Order
Indoor Fireworks
Leave It To Leander
The Evil That Men Do
The Crimson Coconut
Ladies In Waiting
Postal Orders
1948 The Blue Goose
Wise Tomorrow
Strange Parallel
Love In A Mist
Down On The Farm
1949 Lady-Killer
Candied Peel
Five Minutes
Quiet Weekend
The Press Desires
1950 Fools Rush In
Good Morning, Bill
The Camel’s Back
We Were Dancing
Night Must Fall
It’s Quicker To Telephone
1951 Arsenic And Old Lace
The Happiest Days of Your Life Jack Lawson
Dark Victory
Love From A Stranger
Rookery Nook
The Startled Saint
1952 The Girl In Question
That Woman
Fly Away Peter Lorraine Madsen
Who Lies There?
1953 Message For Margaret Margaret Flynn
Murder At The Vicarage
A Woman’s Place
1954 The White Sheep Of The Family Audrey Downe
The Hollow
One Wild Oat
1955 Blithe Spirit
See How They Run Audrey Downe/Edna Robinson
Freida Graham Hunter
1956 The Shop At Sly Corner
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Black Chiffon
1957 Intent To Murder Eric Heyes
Madam Tic Tac Lorraine Madsen
Man From Toronto
As Long As They’re Happy
1958 The Secret Tent
The Browning Version
Running Riot Bill McLorinan
Mad About Men Eric Heyes
Master Dudley
1959 The House By The Lake
The Gentle Rain
The Pigeon With The Silver Foot
Sailor Beware Edmund Thornton
The Whole Truth Eric Heyes
Dry Rot
1960 Toad In The Hole
No Man’s Land
The Girl Who Couldn’t Quite
Something To Hide
The Reluctant Debutant Edmund Thornton
Reluctant Heroes
1961 Will Any Gentleman? Eric Heyes
Pity My Betrayer Audrey Downe
Double Yolk
Before The Flood
The Deep Blue Sea Frank Dufty
Beside The Seaside Bert Benney
Woman At Large
My Three Angels Bill McLorinan
1962 Dial ‘M’ For Murder John Gould
The Waiting Room
The Silver Whistle
Guests Of A Nation Conzee McLorinan
1962 The Man Who Came To Dinner Lorraine Madsen
1963 Time, Murderer, Please Eric Heyes
The Gentle Guardsman
Make Mine Mayfair
All For Mary John Gould
Harvey Edmund Thornton
The Desperate Hours Bert Benney
1964 Only An Orphan Girl Bill McLorinan
Simon And Laura
Johnny Belinda
The Amorous Prawn
Sit Down A Minute, Adrian
Under One Robe
The Asset Noelle Christensen
Husbands Supplied Noelle Christensen
1965 The Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll
The Devil And Daniel Webster Bert Benney
Rock-a-Bye Sailor Edmund Thornton
The Heiress Noelle Christensen
Doctor At Sea Bert Benney
1966 Celebration Bob Budden
Come Back Little Sheba John Budden
The Diary Of Anne Frank Eric Heyes
Assisted Passage (film)
The Shirt Bert Benney
Feathertop Bert Benney
Post Horn Gallop Jan Coulson
1967 The Teahouse Of The August Moon Eric Heyes
A Night Out Jan Coulson
Beth John Devereux
Breakfast With Julia Audrey Downe
1968 Woman In A Dressing Gown
The Miracle Worker Eric Heyes
Goodnight Mrs Puffin Noelle Christensen
Pygmalion Bert Benney
Call Me A Liar Jan Coulson
1969 Roar Like A Dove John Gould
One For The Pot Jan Coulson
The Brides Of March Bert Benney
The Hasty Heart Noelle Christensen
The Bad Seed Bob Budden
1970 Barefoot In The Park John Gould
The Trapper
Friday Night at the Schrammers John Gould
Charley’s Aunt Bert Benney
Billy Liar Eric Heyes
People In The Wind
The Shifting Heart Jan Coulson
The Hasty Heart (repeat) Noelle Christensen
1971 The Long And The Short And The Tall Jan Coulson
And The Big Men Fly
Blithe Spirit (2) Noelle Christensen
Love Rides The Rails Keith Lowe
1972 Rattle Of A Simple Man Bert Benney
Oh! What A Lovely War Eric Heyes
Not Now, Darling Jan Coulson
Say Who You Are Linda Currie
1973 The Anniversary John Gould
The Odd Couple Keith Lowe
Enemy Jan Coulson
Stand By Your Bedouin Martin Gibbs
1974 Enemy (repeat) Jan Coulson
Alfie Ted Hutchinson
Busybody Martin Gibbs
All In Good Time Eric Heyes
Chase Me, Comrade Reg Murphy
1975 Dangerous Corner John Gould
Old Time Music Hall Eric Heyes
There’s A Girl In My Soup Jan Coulson
Wanted One Body Pam Douglas
1976 Loot Roy Baldwin
The Killing Of Sister George Martin Gibbs
See How They Run (2) Vin Foster
Spring And Port Wine Eric Heyes
1977 I Remember Mama Jan Coulson
Spring And Port Wine (repeat) Eric Heyes
Play It Again, Sam Martin Gibbs
Old Time Music Hall Eric Heyes
The Prisoner Of Second Avenue Keith Lowe
1978 The Lion In Winter Michelle Rowan
Butterflies Are Free Roy Baldwin
Wait Until Dark Martin Gibbs
The Matchmaker Eryl Lowe
Don’t Just Lie There, Say Something Eric Heyes
1979 The One Day Of The Year Judy Corderoy
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Martin Gibbs
Don’t Utter A Note Christine Taylor
Enter A Free Man Michelle Rowan
Old Time Music Hall Eric Heyes
1980 Our Town Judy Corderoy
The Last Of The Red Hot Lovers Norm Lowe
The Fantasticks Roy Baldwin
Who Goes Bare? Christine Taylor
1981 Gaslight (2) Martin Gibbs
The Children’s Hour Jan Coulson
Absurd Person Singular Martin Gibbs
All Things Bright And Beautiful Flip Brudenell
Don’t Drink The Water Norm Lowe
1982 The Entertainer Martin Gibbs
Someone Waiting Syd Jones
Table Manners Kenneth Crawford
The Rainmaker Eryl Lowe
When We Are Married Joe Evans
1983 The Poker Session Martin Gibbs
Deathtrap Kenneth Crawford
Hidden Meanings John Raptis
The End Of The Beginning Jean Dray
Streuth! Martin Gibbs
Come Laughing Home Flip Brudenell
Dimboola Martin Gibbs
1984 The Slaughter Of StTeresa’s Day Norm Lowe
Departmental Martin Gibbs
Move Over Mrs Markham Chris Taylor
The Last Of The Knucklemen Eryl Lowe
Rattle Of A Simple Man (2) Flip Brudenell
1985 The Collector Martin Gibbs
The Curious Savage Norm Lowe
The Patrick Pearce Motel John Raptis
Ladies In Retirement Syd Jones
Count Dracula Martin Gibbs
1986 There Goes The Bride Christine Taylor
Twelve Angry Men John Raptis
Norman, Is That You? Flip Brudenell
Hay Fever Eryl Lowe
Bedroom Farce Martin Gibbs
1987 Dial ’M’ For Murder (2) Christine Taylor
The Good Doctor Martin Gibbs
After Magritte Dorothy Wain
Chinamen Will Van Houten
A Colliers Tuesday Tea Jill Evans
In Duty Bound Judy Corderoy
Two And Two Make Sex Martin Gibbs
1988 The Club John Raptis
Pack Of Lies Norm Lowe
Outside Edge Jill Evans
Deathtrap (2) John Raptis
On Our Selection Martin Gibbs
1989 The Golden Pathway Annual Norm Lowe**
Hobson’s Choice Martin Gibbs
Children’s Day Christine Taylor
Fairy Tales Of New York Barbara Smith (Bateman)
Season’s Greetings Dorothy Wain
1990 Agnes Of God Judy Corderoy
Kid Stakes Martin Gibbs
Angels In Love Syd Jones
A Toast To Melba Barbara Smith (Bateman)
Fur Coat And No Knickers Christine Taylor/Dorothy Wain
1991 Da Eryl Lowe
Kid Stakes (2) Martin Gibbs
Other Times Martin Gibbs
The Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll (2) Cheryl Lewis-Fitzgerald
Away Judy Corderoy
Habeas Corpus Norm Lowe
1992 The Importance Of Being Earnest Syd Jones
Home At Seven John Raptis
Black Comedy John Lawrence
Harlequinade Christine Taylor
Hotel Sorrento Pam Tulen
Dinkum Assorted Eryl Lowe
1993 Dimboola (2) Martin Gibbs
Brighton Beach Memoirs Flip Brudenell
Charlies Aunt (2) Neil Barnett
Breaker Morant Norm Lowe
Ten Times Table Syd Jones
1994 The Business of Murder John Raptis**
Rebecca (2) Doug Bennett
The Sunshine Boys Martin Gibbs
Room To Move Judy Corderoy
Noises Off Roy Thompson
1995 The Foreigner Jan Coulson
A Month Of Sundays Martin Gibbs
Rough Crossing Pam Tulen
84 Charing Cross Road Judy Corderoy
Stepping Out Christine Taylor
1996 Stage Struck Martin Gibbs
The Effect Of Gamma Rays on Man-In-The Moon Marigolds Flip Brudenell
Travelling North Judy Corderoy
Remembrance Eryl Lowe
Can’t Pay, Won’t Pay! Syd Jones
1997 Alive And Kicking Neil Barnett
A Hard God Vickie McGowan
Therese Lorraine Madsen
PS You‘re Cat Is Dead Flip Brudenell
The Admirable Crichton Barbara Bateman
1998 How The Other Half Loves Eryl Lowe
A Tomb With A View Ray Ainsworth
The Woman In Black Doug Bennett
Love Letters Syd Jones
Cosi Martin Gibbs
1999 Daylight Saving Neil Barnett
A View From The Bridge Judy Corderoy
The Venetian Twins Doug Bennett
No Names, No Pack Drill Eryl Lowe
Lend Me A Tenor Christine Taylor
2000 Straight And Narrow Neil Barnett/SydJones
A Voyage Round My Father Judy Corderoy
Time Of My Life Martin Gibbs
Molly Sweeney Richard Keown
Run For Your Wife Christine Taylor
2001 It’s My Party And I’ll Die If I Want To Flip Brudenell
Secret Bridesmaids Business Martin Gibbs
Murder On The Nile Shirley Fitch
Mort Neil Barnett
2002 Crossing Delancy Judy Corderoy
Sylvia Martin Gibbs
Killing And Chilling My Annabel Lee Eryl Lowe
The Memory Of Water Richard Keown
Flexitime Norman Yemm
2003 Falling From Grace Judy Corderoy
Playing Sinatra Martin Gibbs
Forget-Me-Knot Neil Barnett
Face To Face Eryl Lowe
A Chorus Of Disapproval Edna Bartlett
2004 The Sum Of Us Ray Russell
The Beauty Queen Of Leenane Martin Gibbs
Laying The Ghost Christine Taylor
All My Sons Judy Corderoy
Sandcastles David McCall
2005 Sitting Pretty Judy Corderoy
The Shoe-horn Sonata Martin Gibbs
Sweet Road Eryl Lowe
Speaking In Tongues Glenn Robinson
You Can’t Take It With You Barbara Bateman
2006 On Golden Pond Judy Corderoy
Wolf Lullaby Elisabeth Gertner
Lipstick Dreams Juliet Charles
The Crucible Doug Bennett
Funny Money Eric Heyes
2007 Wicked Sisters Judy Corderoy
Boy Gets Girl Tim Long
Over The River And Through The Woods Martin Gibbs
Doubt Vicki Smith
Laughter On The 23rd Floor Gaetano Santo
2008 The Cemetery Club Judy Corderoy
Journey’s End Eric Heyes
The Dinner Game Barbara Bateman
Breaking The Code Ross Mack
The Weekend Martin Gibbs
2009 Crimes of the Heart Judy Corderoy
Rabbit Hole Vicki Smith
Murdered to Death Eric Heyes
Minefields & Miniskirts Shane Ryan
‘Allo, ‘Allo Tim Long
2010 This Way Up Elisabeth Gertner
Chaim’s Love Song Martin Gibbs
The Underpants Vicki Smith
The Wisdom of Eve Judy Corderoy
I Hate Hamlet Ross Mack
2011 Dimboola Martin Gibbs
Heroes David McCall
Love Letters (2) Judy Corderoy
2012 The Heiress (2) Vicki Smith
Life and Beth Martin Gibbs
Prelude to a kiss Tim Long
Moonlight and Magnolias Gaetano Santo
2013 The Grand Manner Judy Corderoy
Lost in Yonkers Michaela Smith
Albert Nobbs Martin Gibbs
Night Must Fall Lesley Batten
The Dixie Swim Club Cheryl Richards
2014 Quartet Eric Heyes
Talking Heads Judy Corderoy
Loot Martin Gibbs
That Good Night Deborah Fabbro
Bullshot Crummond Jeff Saliba
2015 See How They Run Cheryl Ballantine Richards
A Month of Sundays Martin Gibbs
Hotel Sorrento Deborah Fabbro
84 Charing Cross Road Peter Newling
The Sunshine Boys Ewen Crockett
2016 The Importance of Being Earnest Vicki Smith
Role Play Laura Bradley
Visiting Mr Green Martin Gibbs
Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks Eric Heyes
Inspector Drake’s Last Case Jeff Saliba
2017 Outside Mullingar Helen Ellis
The One Day of the Year Judy Corderoy
Australia Day Martin Gibbs
Equally Divided Cheryl Ballantine Richards
Leading Ladies Tim Long
2018 All the King’s Women Barbara Crawford
All Things Considered Deborah Fabbro
Season’s Greetings Martin Gibbs
Pack of Lies Cheryl Ballantine Richards
Things My Mother Taught Me Laura Bradley & Michaela Smith
2019 Good People Helen Ellis
Buying the Moose Peter Newling
Mr Bailey’s Minder Martin Gibbs
Proof Peter Roberts
Out of Order Keith Hutton
2020 Knickers – a brief comedy Barbara Crawford
Covid-19 prevented 2020 seasons
2021 Love, loss and what I wore Barbara Crawford
Things I know to be True Geoff Arnold
Covid-19 prevented 2021 seasons
2022 The Kitchen Sink Rod Hulme
4000 Miles George Werther
Ladies in Retirement Martin Gibbs
Visitors Deborah Fabbro
Daisy Pulls It Off Michaela Smith
2023 The Effect Claire Abagia

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