Announcing Season 2022

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The Kitchen Sink flyer snipped

Season 1

The Kitchen Sink, by Tom Wells

Directed by Rod Hulme

Season dates: February 18—March 5

The Kitchen Sink is a funny, gentle play about the dreams, changes and dirty dishes that life brings to us all. Set in Withernsea, North England, the play follows the hopes, aspirations, successes and failures of Martin, Kath and their two children, Ju-Jitsu student Sophie and gay Dolly Parton fan Billy, both of whom are learning, somewhat painfully, to spread their life’s wings. Local plumber Pete also joins the family with his shy fondness for Sophie, aims of ‘taking his love of drains to the next level’, and a tender love of his Gran.

4000 miles flyer snipped


Season 2

4000 Miles, by Amy Herzog

Directed by George Werther

Season dates: April 29—May 14

When a young man cycles across America to arrive in New York he decides to visit his feisty aging grand-mother, with whom he shares idealistic notions about the world. She becomes a sounding board for his recent tragedy and fraught personal relationships, bringing her worldly wisdom, while she struggles with the inevitable toll of her
ageing body. They ultimately support one another in their mutual losses. This is a beautiful and poignant insight into life’s struggles seen from early and late in the journey, and the power of cross-generational support and
healing. 4000 Miles was a finalist for the 2013 Pulitzer Prize in Drama.  We had originally scheduled this
production for April 2020, and we are delighted that we can bring it to you next year.


LIR flyer snipped  

Season 3

Ladies in Retirement, by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham

Directed by Martin Gibbs

Season dates: June 17—July 2

Set in an isolated cottage on the Thames Estuary in 1885, a former actress, Miss Fiske, and her long-time
companion and housemate, Ellen, become involved in competing schemes that grow more sinister after the arrival at their home of Ellen’s two sisters. A surprise turn of events will keep you glued to the unfolding story that has been described as one of the best stage thrillers of its time.  First staged in 1939 as England was starting WWII, London was in a blackout, and most theatres were closed it was an enormous hit, running for a total of 301

Another casualty of Covid, this play has also been carried into next year, after cancellation in June 2021.

Visitors flyer snipped

Season 4

Visitors, by Barney Norris

Directed by Deborah Fabbro

Season dates: September 2—September 17

In a farmhouse at the edge of Salisbury Plain a family is falling apart. Stephen can’t afford to put his mother into care. Arthur can’t afford to stop working and look after his wife. When a young stranger moves in to care for Edie as her mind unravels, the family is forced to ask: Are we living the way we wanted?  Visitors is a sharply funny love story that takes a haunting, beautiful look at the way our lives slip past us.

Just when we were getting into rehearsals for Visitors, lockdown number six hit us. We are looking forward to sharing this beautiful play with you in 2022.


Daisy Pulls it Off flyer snipped

Season 5

Daisy Pulls It Off, by Denise Deegan

Directed by Michaela Smith

Season dates: November 11- November 26

Daisy Meredith is the first girl to be accepted under a scholarship at Grangewood School for Girls. Will she
survive the rigours of hockey with Vearncombe? Will Sybil and Monica succeed in having Daisy expelled? And what is the mysterious treasure of Grangewood?  

Set in an English Boarding School for Girls in the 1920’s, this light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek comedy engagingly captures the innocence of Angela Brazil’s schoolgirl novels. Join Daisy and Trixie as they try to solve the mysteries of Grangewood whilst having a jolly good time! 

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