August 10, 2021


Farewell Season



2 September 2021


Dear Friends of Mordialloc Theatre Company,

It is with regret, yet again, that we find ourselves in a position where we have little choice but to announce the cancellation of our final show for 2021 – Four Flat Whites in Italy.

The extended lockdown means that we will be unable to hold either the auditions that were scheduled for this Sunday, or the rehearsals that would have followed.  In addition, bookings of Shirley Burke Theatre by other groups make it impossible to reschedule the show to a later date.

This is greatly disappointing for our company.  With Four Flat Whites In Italy, we were hoping to close the year with some well-needed good humour but with the ever-increasing COVID numbers and the slow roll-out of vaccinations, there was no other decision possible.  We have, however, rescheduled this play for November 2023.

We hope you understand the difficult position we found ourselves in and we thank you once again for your ongoing support.  Let’s hope we can all be vaccinated by year’s end so that we can begin Season 2022 with some confidence.

Keep well and stay safe.

Your sincerely,

Michael Kakogiannis

For the Board of Management








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