December 1, 2019

Ticket Enquiries

Please direct ticket enquiries to 9587 5141 or, not to Shirley Burke Theatre.  Mailed ticket exchanges or returns should be sent to MTC, PO Box 80, Mentone  Vic  3194.

Dear Friends and Members of Mordialloc Theatre Company

 It has been an unusually long time since our last newsletter but, as you are all well aware, we live in unusual times.  The COVID19 pandemic has sadly halted theatre’s contribution to Melbourne’s cultural life. Most community theatre companies, Mordialloc included, have gone into virtual hibernation while we wait for restrictions to be lifted or for a vaccine to arrive.

The Board of Management has been meeting regularly over the past months to discuss the situation and to consider our options in the immediate short term and in the longer term. Fortunately, the company is in a financially sound position and is well-placed to ride out this pandemic.  For this we are greatly indebted to those of you who were able and willing to donate all or part of your 2020 subscriptions to help see us through this difficult time.

A range of options have been reviewed for the shorter-term future.  A small number of other companies have experimented with Zoom presentations of various kinds.  While we commend their efforts as a means of staying in touch with their patrons, we have formed the opinion that this would not be the most suitable course to take for Mordialloc Theatre Company.  For us, theatre is a live experience where patrons share the enjoyment of meeting with friends, chatting over a glass of sherry or a cup of tea or coffee and, together witnessing the work of the actors, backstage crew, directors, technicians and set-builders as they bring a play to life.  Our members stand ready to enthusiastically resume these roles when we can, once again, return safely to our “home” at the Shirley Burke Theatre.

There remains uncertainty about how to assure a safe return. The management of Shirley Burke Theatre advises us that a return to the stage under stage 3 restrictions (with social distancing and the 4-square-metre rule), would allow for only 27 patrons in the theatre.  Unfortunately, this is not a number that would make a full return to the stage viable.  So, we have decided that the safest option for our loyal patrons is to wait until we can properly welcome you all back into the theatre.

We are currently giving some consideration to presenting a suitable rehearsed reading for small groups, similar to a live performance of a radio play.  This could also be recorded and made available for our patrons via YouTube.  We will keep you informed if this becomes possible.

In the meantime, we wish you all a safe journey through this pandemic period. We look forward to seeing you all again when we can throw open the doors at Shirley Burke and welcome you back.

Stay safe and keep well.

Michael Kakogiannis


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