About MTC

Mordialloc Theatre Company is a community based theatre group which presents its plays in the Shirley Burke Theatre, Parkers Road, Parkdale, a very pleasant bayside suburb of Melbourne, Australia.  The audience subscriber base is primarily located within ten kilometres of the theatre, although many travel much longer distances to view our productions.  Similarly, our active membership has a local core with other members commuting from throughout the metropolitan area.

The Company has a seven member Board of Management governing all aspects of the group’s affairs.  Our current President is Michael Kakogiannis.

MTC presents five productions a year, covering a range of genres, drama, comedy, thriller, farce, with the very occasional small musical thrown in.  The Company has several resident directors, but guest directors are brought in too, and space is also made for emerging directors, since these are the people that the company will rely on for its future.  

We have had much success over the years at the Moomba, Waverley and VDL Awards.

As with most amateur theatre companies, we are always on the lookout for new members to enjoy participation in and contribute to the Company’s success.


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  1. I’m afraid we don’t.

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