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by Barney Norris

Directed by Deborah Fabbro

2, 3 4*, 8, 9, 10**, 11*, 15, 16, 17 September 2022

Evenings: 8 pm  Saturday** and Sunday* matinees: 2.30 pm

Shirley Burke Theatre, 64 Parkers Road, Parkdale


In a farmhouse at the edge of Salisbury Plain a family is falling apart. Stephen can’t afford to put his mother into care. Arthur can’t afford to stop working and look after his wife. When a young stranger moves in to care for Edie as her mind unravels, the family is forced to ask: Are we living the way we wanted?

VISITORS is a sharply funny love story that takes a haunting, beautiful look at the way our lives slip past us.



Edie – Juliet Hayday

Arthur – Rod Hulme

Kate – Holly Robertson

Stephen – Marc Jongebloed


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